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Do you have research to do for your teacher?  Instead of using google first, access our district vetted databases.  Students and staff have free access to these reliable, trustworthy and accurate sources of information.  Simply follow these steps:

1) go to:

2) click on McGowan Park Elementary

3) click on Catalogue

4) click on the visual tab

If you are doing this from home, you will be asked to log in.  Your username will be: firstname.lastname and your password will be sd###### (same as getting into chromebooks at school).  Some of the databases will require passwords.  If so, ask your teacher for the information.

Our goal is to continue to grow our library to be more inclusive and diverse.  We want all children to be able to see themselves in stories as well as learn about other people, cultures, beliefs and traditions.  Let's encourage conversations about differences so that we can see more similarities.  

Thank you for fostering the love of reading at home with your child(ren), as well as helping keep the books in good shape by keeping books away from food and drink.  A good tip is to keep library books in a place separate from personal books so there is no mistaking which books belong to whom!


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