Extra-Curricular Activities


Here are the list of teams and coaches for this year:

Tier 1 boys competitive- coach Raj Gill teacher sponsors Jamie Blower, Kim Hindle, Gitte Nessman **games on Tuesdays (Playoffs begin Tues. Mar. 3)

Tier 1 boys recreation- coach Allan Dodds teacher sponsor Leslie Kossey **games on Tuesdays (Last game Tuesday Feb. 25)

Tier 3 boys -coach Josh Miller teacher sponsor Lisa Hanlon **games on Wednesday (Season completed)

Tier 1 girls competitive- coach Grant Reilly teacher sponsor Sharmane Baerg **games on Thursdays (Playoffs begin Tuesday Mar. 3)

Tier 1 girls recreation - coaches JR, Jamie Blower and I-Wen Bluhm teacher sponsors Gitte Nessman and Kim Hindle **games on Thursdays (Last game Thursday Feb. 27)

Game schedule for 2020 season


Tryouts are done and teams have been finalized!  We are so fortunate to have teachers and parents volunteer their time to offer students 3 tiers.  Here are the teams and coaches:

Tier 1 boys--Josh Miller (parent) with teacher sponsor Gitte Nessman **games are on Tuesdays

Tier 1 girls--Lisa Hanlon (teacher) **games are on Thursdays

Tier 2 boys--Leslie Kossey (teacher) with Chelsea Corsi (parent) **games are on Tuesdays

Tier 2 girls--Laurie Siguenza and Crystal Becker (parents) with teacher sponsors Kim Hindle and Denise Underwood**games are on Thursdays

Tier 3 co-ed team--Karen Hill (teacher) and I-Wen Bluhm (teacher) **games are on Wednesdays

Information from school district about volleyball.  Game schedule is posted on the link.  

SD 73 Robotics Lead Teachers and Student Mentors Day

On October 1st 4 students from McGowan Park Elementary participated in an all day robotics event held at Henry Grube.  Students had the opportunity to work with district coordinators Christy Gauley (Arts Education) and Elizabeth Devries (Technology) along side students from other schools to explore different robotic devices such as Blue Bot, Sphero and Edison!  

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