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Concerts at McGowan!

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Concerts at McGowan!
by C. Wickes - Friday, 8 December 2017, 11:01 AM

Hi Folks,

We had a lovely primary based winter concert at McGowan Park last night!  Our primary students worked very hard to bring a wonderful story to musical life and the concert was enjoyed by one and all. 

In preparation for our upcoming Spring Production in April, I would like to encourage parents, when attending concerts at the school, to consider finding babysitting for younger children for the short duration of a performance.  Babies and toddlers are generally not able to watch a show without making noise and this makes it hard for others to hear, enjoy the show and hear their own children.  Strollers must not be brought into the gym as we are generally packed very tight at every McGowan performance.

As well, please plan to stay for the duration of the show and pick up your children at the end of the entire show.   All of our performing students would appreciate this consideration by parents & audience members.  As well, the gym doors being opened and closed during a performance is quite distracting. 

We strive to make McGowan Park Elementary a great place for our students and community.  School performances are an important part of our students' educational learning.  We hope that you will help support these events appropriately so that they can be enjoyed by all. 

Thank you!

C. Wickes, Principal